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We have already described our track photography services on the Motocross Track Photo page. If you’d like to know more about it, there is more information on this page within our services section. In this case we are going to write about Motocross Cadrezzate – Caresana. This is the track which became our home in 2019 when the new owners took over the place. One of our Swiss customers was planning to ride there and wanted our pictures. Back then we didn’t know the place, nor the owners, but we were given the green light in time for the day! Once we arrived we discovered that it was their first day open to the public.

Motocross Cadrezzate Photo Track Photography Motocross Cadrezzate

The track is managed by Carlo “Carletto” Caresana and Alice “Aly La Bongio” Bongiovanni. Both speak good English and are super friendly! Carlo is a Freestyle Motocross rider and Alice is a Motocross and Snowboard rider. She is also a skilled sport photographer, but luckily for us, her new role as Slave (and owner) of Motocross Cadrezzate, as per her Instagram profile, keeps her busy which means  we can shoot there! Motocross Cadrezzate is open daily, sometimes closing on a Tuesday. As you know, weather may affect opening days, so it’s best to check their social media pages or contact them directly to make sure the track is open before arriving. The track has changed a lot over the years, all for the better. Since this January there is also a side track for kids with mini bikes.

Motocross Cadrezzate Photo Track Photography Motocross Cadrezzate

Carletto’s wish is that all kind of riders have fun when they ride at Motocross Cadrezzate and he works hard to make it possible. He’s the first to arrive at the track and the last to leave. His main concern is the safety of all riders. The track is levelled daily, except on Mondays. During weekends, or when conditions dictate, he does a quick fix during the day too. This ensures suitability and safety for all riders. Aly is responsible for the administration of the track, for the licensing of the riders and for the bar service.  Fast and good meals are served daily, from sandwiches to pasta, coffee to ice creams and beers! 

We aim to be present as much as possible, however if you want to assure yout pictures, please book our services in advance filling this form

Our Photo at Motocross Cadrezzate