Event Coverage - 2019 I Love Gorla MX Park

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Events in Motocross are not limited to races. We have learned that many riders have a big heart and you can meet some of them during this yearly event, I Love Gorla – MX Park. It’s a charity event, a day to celebrate the past season and have fun.

Event Coverage I Love Gorla MX Park Tim Gajser Charity

We wanted to attend for different reasons. Taking pictures of the freshly crowned 2019 Mx World Champion Tim Gajser is not something you get to do every day. Additionally, we wanted to say thank you to those riders that supported our work during the year and who were there. At the 2019 edition there were a lot of riders, lots of people and it was unusually warm. It was also our first time at that track and we really appreciated the support we received from Gaia Franchi and her dad Max. This event is pretty unique. Pro riders, MX lovers and kids all together, cheering and having fun. Our compliments to the organization by MC Gorlese.

Event Coverage I Love Gorla MX Park Tim Gajser Charity

There is no competition, the track is smaller than the ones of the world championship, but the riders can show off their skills with whips and scrubs. It was touching to see a world champion stop and help a kid to restart his bike. Probably a gesture that this kid will never forget, certainly a gesture that proves Tim Gajser is a champion not only when it comes to riding.

In the 2019 edition, these were some of the “VIP” riders who attended: Angelo Pellegrini, Caleb Grothues, David Philippaerts, Federico Tuani, Giacomo Deghi, Jordy Manzoni, Livia Lancelot, Manuel Angius, Morgan Lesiardo, Ruben Fernandez.

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